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Miño township


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The nomination of the Biosphere Reserve “Coruñese Marine and Lands of Mandeo” was sponsored by the Association for Rural Development “Marine-Betanzos,” with the support of the Provincial Government and the regional government of Galicia, as well as seventeen municipalities that make up this territory.

The final adoption of this Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, took place at the 25th Meeting of the International Coordinating Council of the MAB Programme, held in Paris on 28 May 2013.

The Biosphere Reserve “Coruñese Marine and Lands of Mandeo” covers a total de113.970 ha, which represents 14.33% of the area of A Coruña, spread over 18 municipalities. This surface is the second Biosphere Reserve by order of the Galician surface, being the first in the province of A Coruña.

Municipalities that make up the Biosphere Reserve “Marine Coruña and Mandeo Terras’ Abegondo, Aranga, Arteixo, Bergondo, Betanzos, Cambre, Carral, Coir, Culleredo, Curtis, Irixoa, Mino, potters, Oza -Cesuras, Paderne, Sada and Sobrado.