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3 KG Paper Bag Potatoes

Taste and tradition since 1998 Potato cultivated without irrigation and hand-picked Product of the biosphere reserve "Mariñas Coruñesas and Terras do Mandeo"

Potato bulk

White-fleshed potato bulk

1 Kg Meshed Onions

flat onions 1 Kg Product of the biosphere reserve "Mariñas Coruñesas and Terras do Mandeo

Onions Bulk

Flat onions

About us


Daterra is the trademark of Daterra do País S.L. which it is manufacturer, packager and marketer of horticultural products located in the region of As Mariñas, Miño, A Coruña. We are specialized in Flat Onion and Kennebec Potatoe.


Daterra potatoes and onions are carefully produced and selected to maintain a level of quality and differentiation that distinguishes us to our consumers. The region of As Mariñas on the banks of the Ria de Betanzos - Ferrol - Coruña is a land of great agricultural tradition in farming onion and potato "delicacy" that puts us in a privileged position to the development of our job. The farming techniques we use are traditional, all our products are hand-picked and carefully selected to maintain a high level of quality.


We are backed by 20 years of experience in production, packaging and marketing of horticultural products such as cabbage, turnip greens, flat onion and Kennebec potato.

Contact Information

  •   +34 657 961 116
  •   Miranda de fondal 73, Miño, A Crouña, Spain


Obra social y prensa
A farmer Miño is named 'homekeeper of the Year' of the institution Sister Eusebia by periodic donation of crops La Opinion de A Coruña

Flat onions... and solidarity

Antares Pérez, Miño 15.12.2015
Farmers and processors of typical product of Miño and Betanzos relate their experiences and discuss the ways of entrepreneurship on a day Betanzos La Opinion de A Coruña

The region boasts flat onions

Sara Vázquez, A Coruña 13.04.2015
Seventeen local farmers will present their products today and tomorrow at the Feira da Cebola Chata XIV. Cristina Bañobre tells they are awaiting "with great enthusiasm" La Opinion de A Coruña

Flat onions seasoned in Miño

David Fontán, A Coruña 01.08.2015

Miño reinvents itselve after "el ladrillazo"

Xaime Calviño, 24.05.2016
The first products under the brand Biosphere Reserve have already reached supermarkets. La Opinion de A Coruña

Potatoes 'made in' Reserva da Biosfera

Redacción, Sada 28.05.2016

We are Biosphere Reserve

Xaime Calviño, 01.06.2016
The region of As Mariñas Coruñesas-Terras do Mandeo held these days in Sada the third anniversary of recognition as a Biosphere Reserve by Unesco, with the firm objective of becoming a "key player" in the global network of reserves of this kind. El Ideal gallego

As Mariñas aspires to be a "key player" in the global network of biosphere reserves

M.D. SADA 28 DE MAYO DE 2016


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